The Yokohama RR42 is an all-new straddle carrier tire engineered to handle loading and unloading operations in port facilities where managing increased container volumes is critical.

Straddle Carrier

RR42 size and specs

TIRE SIZE PART# Pattern Star Rating TRA Code Compound TMPH Tire Type Tread Depth 32/in Inflated Dimensions Static Loaded Ship Weight Maximum Load Rated Pressure Rim Size
Overall Diameter (inches) Overall Width (inches) Radius (inches) Width (inches)
16.00R25 RR42 IND-4 202 A5 130117003 RR42 - IND-4 ID - TL 63 58.7 16.9 26.0 19.6 586.97 33100 145 11.25/25-2.0
- - --- 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 0

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