The Yokohama RL51™ features an innovative non-directional tread design for excellent traction on the roughest terrain as well as long lasting casing and tread life.

Motor Grader

Front End Loader

RL51 size and specs

TIRE SIZE PART# Pattern Star Rating TRA Code Compound TMPH Tire Type Tread Depth 32/in Inflated Dimensions Static Loaded Ship Weight Maximum Load Rated Pressure Rim Size
Overall Diameter (inches) Overall Width (inches) Radius (inches) Width (inches)
23.5R25 RL51 L-5 * CP 130151501 RL51 * L-5 CP - TL 99 65.3 24.4 29.1 27.3 1098 26800 73 19.50/25-2.5
- - --- 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 0

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